Returning to school

Dear Parents,

Following the announcement (above) from Kirsty Williams this lunchtime I would like to know your thoughts about sending your children back to school from Monday 29th June.

Only a third of pupils will be allowed to attend school at one time. We have 27 pupils enrolled, which means 9 pupils in total across the school.

Although the return date is still over 3 weeks away it would be really helpful for us logistically, if you have already made a decision that you are NOT going to be sending your child back to school for those final 4 weeks. Of course if you then change your mind and wish to them to come in then that is perfectly fine too.

Guidance about how school transport, school buildings, cleaning & catering, etc. will be managed, is coming out to schools next week.

However, in the meantime please contact me if you have any questions and I will try to answer them!

best regards

Rhian Jones