News Release – School-based emergency childcare hubs to close

School-based emergency childcare hubs are to close later this month as schools in Powys prepare to re-open before the end of the summer term, the county council has said.

Powys County Council is working with school leaders across the county to enable schools to re-open for a limited number of learners each day as part of ‘Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for summer and September’ – the Welsh Government’s next phase for schools in Wales which will start on Monday, June 29.

As part of the preparations, the school-based emergency childcare hubs will close on Wednesday, June 24.

For Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June, childcare will be offered by individual schools across Powys for their own pupils between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  This will be for the children of key workers and the vulnerable learners who are currently accessing childcare.

From Monday, June 29, schools in the county will make childcare provision for the children of key workers who have used the emergency childcare hubs between the opening of the hubs in March and the end of May. This provision will be on school days only from 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday,

Additionally, the children of schools’ staff will be able to join the childcare facility to allow their parents to work in schools. Vulnerable learners will also be able to access schools for the usual school day, and they will be informed by their schools.

For primary-aged children of key workers (who used the hubs between March and May) and the children of schools’ staff, parents will still need register online at until the end of the summer term.

Other learners will access as many days as schools are able to facilitate but parents and carers are being reminded that no more than 30 percent of pupils will be present at school at any one time.

Schools will determine the number of days and inform parents about which children will be able to attend on each day. School transport will be provided to those who usually use that service – with careful social distancing put in place on transport.

For the period of the schools’ summer holidays, the council is currently exploring options to provide childcare for school-aged children of key workers. This provision will not be managed by school staff.

Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “The school-based emergency childcare hubs have been invaluable since they were introduced at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and we are grateful to everyone who has worked in them for the extended days over the last 12 weeks – including weekends and bank holidays.

“As ever, our main priorities are the physical safety and wellbeing of our children, young people and staff across Powys.”

“We are now preparing for the re-opening of schools in Powys and this means closing the school-based emergency childcare hubs. Closing the hubs on Wednesday June 24 will allow school staff to prepare their school ahead of their re-opening as schools on Monday, June 29.”