Help with school costs

As the cost of living rises, no child should go without. In Wales, nearly half of parents are not claiming the free school meals that their children are entitled to. We are writing to remind you of the three types of support you might be entitled to.

Don’t miss out on Free School Meals. School meals promote healthy eating, increase the variety of food your child might eat, and can improve behaviour and social skills.

If you receive certain benefits, OR YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE CHANGED, check if you’re entitled through Free school meals – Powys County Council
If your child already gets free school meals, there could be more help availabe through School Essentials (PDG Access). This helps with the costs of school essentials like uniforms and equipment to make sure they are ready for the school day.

Please note, if you are in receipt of a certain income, parents will still need to apply separately for School Essentials (PDG Access) to access all of the funding available.