The Language Centre for North Powys

Available to any pupils in Years 2 to 6.

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Powys County Council has run successful Language Centres for the past three years at different sites in north Powys, allowing primary students to join Welsh-medium education at a later stage. This year, the Language Centre will be held at Ysgol Bro Caereinion.

Attending a Language Centre enables students to access an education which will allow them to become fully bilingual in both of our nation’s languages. Evidence shows that immersion in the language for an extended period allows pupils to gain language skills and fluency quickly, enabling them to join a Welsh-medium setting with confidence. Language development is enhanced by the shared experience and positive environment. Bilingual learning provides an added dimension to education and offers new experiences which can enrich pupils’ lives. This is an opportunity for those who did not initially choose Welsh-medium education to access it at a later stage.

In a Language Centre, pupils are educated and supported by experienced language teachers throughout the day. The course runs for four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, for 10 weeks (depending on term dates). The timetable incorporates various aspects of the curriculum. The main emphasis will initially be on Welsh oral work, but as proficiency in the language progresses, reading and writing activities will be developed. On Fridays, pupils return to their schools to use their language skills in a familiar setting and to keep in contact with their teachers and friends.

This Centre will be located at Ysgol Bro Caereinion (Primary Campus). It will run from Tuesday, 9th April until Thursday 20th June, allowing pupils to return to their schools full time until the end of term. Transport to and from the Centre will be provided from the pupil’s school.

If you would like further information about Canolfan Iaith Maldwyn, there is an opportunity to meet with staff at the Centre on March 7th at 4pm. This is a chance to hear more about the provision and ask any questions you may have. If you would like to attend this meeting, please return the slip below to your school. If this date is not convenient, please get in touch and we can arrange another meeting at a time convenient to you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs G. Phillips Mrs B. Price


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I will be attending the meeting on March 7th at 4pm in Ysgol Bro Caereinon (Primary Campus)

I cannot attend the meeting but would like to arrange a meeting for more information.

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