RCSIG statement 2022-23


EIG or RCSIG (Regional Consortia School Improvement Grant) – £2,659.00

The Purpose of this Funding is to support schools in delivering the national mission for Wales. This focuses on how schools will move forward in securing the implementation of the new curriculum. There is a focus on leadership, professional learning, and excellence and equity within a self-improving system. There should be a focus on raising standards for all, reducing the attainment gap, and delivering an education system that is a source of national pride and public confidence.

Ysgol Bro Cynllaith has 4 main priority areas for 2022-23:

Priority1: Implement the new curriculum whilst continuing to refine and improve pedagogy. Make effective use of Taith 360 in planning to track coverage of the Areas of Learning. The next steps will be a focus on progression and assessment.

Priority 2: Continue to develop the strategic plan for the Siarter Iaith Silver Award whilst also increasing the use of Welsh language in the school and community.

Priority 3: Continue to implement the ALN Code, whilst also reducing the impact of poverty to improve learner progress.

Priority 4: Conduct effective self-evaluation and monitoring activities.

The RCSIG will be used to for:

Training and supply costs related to the priority areas, i.e.

Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools and Communities

Welsh language courses

Assessment of pupils attainment and progress – Target planning and next steps.

Additional learning needs support and provision.